Instalat b.v. is supporting Dutch Cancer Society

Cancer affects us all. One in three Dutch people will develop cancer during their lifetime, which amounts to more than 100,000 people each year. That’s 12 people per hour … which, of course, is way too many. Each year, nearly 42,000 people die of cancer, making this disease the leading cause of death in the Netherlands. So Instalat b.v. is helping to build a better future, as one of the Business Friends of KWF Together with millions of people, Instalat b.v. shares the dream of a world in which cancer is no longer a fatal disease. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this dream were to come true? This is why Instalat b.v. has chosen to be a Business Friend of KWF- to help make this happen. Scientists throughout the world are doing their utmost to bring about the dawn of an era in which cancer is no longer a fatal disease. They are working as fast as they can. As fast as the available resources allow them. Research improves the prospects for existing cancer patients, while reducing people’s risk of getting cancer in the first place.

Business Friend of KWF As a Business Friend of KWF, Instalat b.v. supports cancer research. It contributes a fixed monthly amount towards research and towards the development of Dutch Cancer Society fellows. This helps talented young researchers to gain experience in scientific cancer research and/or in the specialist treatment of cancer. These leading lights in cancer research are a particularly good investment, as many former fellows now occupy top positions in this field. Help us build a better future Are you interested in learning more about the program, Business Friend of KWF or about cancer research? If so, please visit the Dutch Cancer Society’s website: