Services and special features

Instalat employs specialized and certified welding and installation engineers.

That is the reason why we are able to cover all works in the field of gas installation technology.

We can also supply the right personnel to fulfill all inspection works on periodic basis when obliged by governmental laws and environmental prescriptions.

Instalat also supplies several services to its clients.:

  • Periodic maintenance for firing equipments including associated reports
  • Remote service for PLC controlled equipments
  • Start up and commissioning of kilns
  • Thorough investigations on existing kilns with Datapaq curves, heat balances and associated reports

Automatisation and electrical engineering

Our own  in house electrical department takes care for high end controls for kilns, dryers, presses  and transport machinery.

Often existing controls are replaced by Instalat controls.

Our controls excel in their well structured constructions, excellent usability flexibility.

Design and production of all aspects of the controls are carried out by our own staff off engineers.

The Instalat control cabinets for example excel in:

  • Clear and well structured lay out.
  • The possibility for future extensions.
  • The application of the best technical standard parts or, on customer’s request, special parts.

Chamber and Tunneldryers

Instalat Dryers have been supplied successfully throughout the ceramic industry.

For the controls of our chamber dryers in cooperation with Wienerberger we developed a unique drying program which provides the most optimal drying curve with high usability and optimized energetic efficiency.

This kind of drying control was already successfully implanted in several Wienerberger plants.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Intermittent kilns

Intermittent kilns for various technical applications are designed, supplied and commissioned by Instalat.

For example:

  • chamber kilns for kiln cars for oxidized and reduced products
  • Bell or top hat kilns for oxidized and reduced products
  • shuttle kilns for oxidized and reduced products

Throughout the past 25 years Instalat supplied and commissioned over 50 periodic kilns for several customers in Europe and abroad.

The intermittent kilns are mainly pulse fired.

This provide homogenous temperature profiles and low energy consumption.

Tunnel kilns

Instalat designs, supplies and commissions tunnel kilns for the heavy clay industry as well as for other parts of ceramic engineering. The Instalat kilns are equipped with reliable firing equipments, air regulation and in house developed controls. The kilns have excellent energy consumption properties and homogenous temperature distribution. All equipments are installed and commissioned by our own staff of engineers. Tunnel kilns form Instalat are very reliable, have a low energy consumption and are equipped with state of the art controls.