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Instalat b.v. is supporting Dutch Cancer Society

Cancer affects us all. One in three Dutch people will develop cancer during their lifetime, which amounts to more than 100,000 people each year. That’s 12 people per hour … which, of course, is way too many. Each year, nearly 42,000 people die of cancer, making this disease the leading cause of death in the […]

New tunnel kiln Vande Moortel N.V. Oudenaarde (B)

New tunnel kilnVande Moortel NV, Oudenaarde (B) The new tunnel kiln at Vande Moortel Brick factory will be supplied by Instalat. The new tunnel kiln will replace the existing tunnel kiln nr. 3 and is designed for a yearly output of approx. 21 million facing bricks. After the supply of the two hood kilns for […]

Full upgrade for roof tile tunnel kiln Wienerberger Broomfleet

Instalat commissions new firing equipment and controls for full upgrade existing Tunnel kiln  in Broomfleet. In order to enable the client to double the output quantity of the existing kiln Instalat supplies a full package upgrade for the existing kiln. This upgrade includes: Modification and extension of the flue gas system, Renewal and extension of […]

Tunnel kilns

Instalat designs, supplies and commissions tunnel kilns for the heavy clay industry as well as for other parts of ceramic engineering. The Instalat kilns are equipped with reliable firing equipments, air regulation and in house developed controls. The kilns have excellent energy consumption properties and homogenous temperature distribution. All equipments are installed and commissioned by our […]

Intermittent kilns

Intermittent kilns for various technical applications are designed, supplied and commissioned by Instalat. For example: chamber kilns for kiln cars for oxidized and reduced products Bell or top hat kilns for oxidized and reduced products shuttle kilns for oxidized and reduced products Throughout the past 25 years Instalat supplied and commissioned over 50 periodic kilns […]