Hood kiln for blue damping at A.K.A Klinker, Oberlausitz(D)

Vandersanden Germany has ordered the first hood kiln for blue smoked bricks at Instalat.

The kiln with two kiln cars is scheduled for delivery and commissioning in the Oberlausitz plant for spring 2019.

New chamber dryers and new controls for kiln and kiln car transport at Nelissen Kesselt-Lanaken (B)

As part of a major investment program, Nelissen Brick works has granted Instalat the order for the full supply of a chamber dryer with 10 double chambers, a complete new control system for all tunnel kilns and kiln car transport system and two new transfer cars.

Commissioning will take place in the first half of 2019.

First Hood kiln for Smoked Bricks factory in Maasmechelen (B)

Smoked bricks in Maasmechelen(B) purchased the first hood kiln for blue smoked products from Instalat. The kiln with two kiln cars and its layout is specially designed by our engineers for blue damping of bricks from several different customers.

As commonly usual, the Kiln is equipped with a state of the art firing equipment and PC-PLC controls, which allows a fully automatically and reliable process.

The kiln has already been successfully assembled and commissioned.



Next supply at Steenbakkerij Vande Moortel, Oudenaarde (B)

For the modernisation of the original part of the factory at Vande Moortel Oudenaarde, Instalat will supply new controls for the tunnel kiln and the kiln car transport system as well as necessary updates for the gas safety of the firing equipment.

The control equipment will be upgraded to the newest S7 TIA portal in combination with the Instalat WinCC control.

New controls for kiln and dryers at Celina Klinker, Kleve (D)

For a thorough refurbishing of the controls for kiln and dryers, Celina Klinker located in Kleve (D) chooses Instalat as their preferred supplier.

The control equipment will be upgraded to the newest S7 TIA portal in combination with the well-known Instalat WinCC control.

Full control upgrade for Ibstock Dorket head.

Instalat supplies a new package of new control equipment for a full upgrade existing tunnel kiln, dryers and kiln and dryer car transport at the Ibstock Dorket Head plant.

The control equipment will be upgraded to the newest S7 TIA portal in combination with the Instalat WinCC control including the Instalat Continuous Energy Balance tool.

Assembly and commissioning take place whilst kiln and dryer are in use.

New chamber dryer for Janinhoff Klinkermanufaktur (D) Münster

In order to replace the old chamber dryers by new and more effective ones, Janinhoff Klinkermanufaktur has signed the contract with Instalat for the delivery of state of the art chamber dryers. The scope of supply consists of three double chambers, which are equipped with the latest WinCC drying technology.

Two Hood kilns for Nelskamp at Nibra Groß Ammensleben factory(D)

For the strengthening of their position in the market of blue damped roof tiles, Nelskamp Dachziegelwerke purchases for the Nibra Gross Ammensleben factory, two new top fired blue damping kilns at Instalat.

The first kiln was has already started up successfully and the second kiln is to be delivered this week.

New hood kiln (the 3rd in a row) for Bachmanns Teglvaerk (DK)

Bachmanns Teglvaerk  extends his production capacity for blue damped bricks together with Instalat. Already for the 3rd time Instalat was appointed to supply the Hood kiln and kiln car for blue damped bricks.

Publication new line brick slips available as download on Instalat.nl

The technical publication by Hans Marks from TCKI on the construction of the new line for brick slips at Vandersanden Maasmechelen is now available on our web site.