Upgrade process control equipment Rodruza Rossum and Rodruza de Zandberg, NL

We are very grateful for the extensive orders we received from Rodruza over the last months.

At Brick factory Rossum we are allowed to replace all dryer controls with newer versions. The PLC will be upgraded to TIA S7 1500, and the chamber dryer will be equipped with the latest version of our WinCC program, including the very energy-efficient ΔTpsy control.

On top of that, at Brick factory de Zandberg, all kiln controls including the kiln car transport will be renewed and replaced by Instalat controls.

PLC controls are to be upgraded to TIA S7-1500, the visualization changed to our latest WinCC software including the Continuous Energy Balancing software.



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New controls for Chambers dryers at Randers Tegl Hammershøj, DK

Pour une mise à niveau importante des séchoirs à chambre, Hammershøj Teglvaerk, qui fait partie de Randers Tegl au Danemark, a accordé à Instalat la commande pour la livraison des nouvelles commandes des séchoirs à chambre des installations 1, 2 et 3.

La commande comprend des nouveaux logiciels de commande WinCC ΔTpsy commande inclus, des variateurs de fréquence à économie d’énergie pour les ventilateurs des chambres, l’installation de panneaux HMI et le remplacement de l’équipement de mesure dans toutes les trois unités de production à Hammershøj.

Modernization of dryer burners at Vandersanden Tolkamer (NL)

For the upgrade of the drying process at Vandersanden Tolkamer, the replacement and enlargement of the dryer burners with most performant ones was granted to Instalat.

New blue damping kiln for Janinhoff Brickworks, Münster(D)

Janinhoff  has ordered a new blue damping kiln for blue smoked bricks at Instalat.

This already the fourth kiln in a row is to be supplied and commissioned early 2021.

Upgrade for tunnel kiln at Wienerberger Nijverheid Brickwork (NL)

Instalat supplies an extension package of control equipment, pulse-controlled burner groups, new flashing and reduction groups and upgraded cooling section for existing Lingl tunnel kiln, at the Wienerberger Nijverheid plant.

The control equipment is to be upgraded to S7 TIA portal in combination with the newest version of the Instalat WinCC control.

Assembly and commissioning take place in the first half of 2020 whilst the factory is running at full capacity.

Next level upgrade for tunnel kiln Ibstock Dorket head (UK).

After de successful implementation of the new software at Ibstock Dorket Head brick plant last year, the next step to over 100 million bricks yearly output has been taken in cooperation with Instalat.

To reach that goal Instalat was given the order to supply, additional firing and cooling equipment as well as an extension of the control panels and WinCC software.

Assembly and commissioning take place in two steps whilst running full production capacity.

New hood kiln (the 6th in a row) for Wienerberger Beerse (B)

Again, Wienerberger Belgium extends its production capacity for blue damped bricks together with Instalat.

Already for the 6th time Instalat was appointed to supply a Hood kiln and two kiln cars for blue damped/smoked bricks.

The kiln has already been supplied and successfully commissioned.

All contractual parameters for product quality and quantities as well as the very tight project schedule were largely fulfilled.

New controls for Wienerberger Plants in the Netherlands

To keep their kiln and dryer controls up to date, Wienerberger NL has granted Instalat the order for the new controls for tunnel kilns in Heteren, Zennewijnen and Schipperswaard plants as well as for the dryer controls for the Zennewijnen plant.

All plants will be equipped with the Instalat WinCC visualisation software.

Hood kiln for blue damping at A.K.A Klinker, Oberlausitz(D)

Vandersanden Germany has ordered the first hood kiln for blue smoked bricks at Instalat.

The kiln with two kiln cars is scheduled for delivery and commissioning in the Oberlausitz plant for spring 2019.

New chamber dryers and new controls for kiln and kiln car transport at Nelissen Kesselt-Lanaken (B)

As part of a major investment program, Nelissen Brick works has granted Instalat the order for the full supply of a chamber dryer with 10 double chambers, a complete new control system for all tunnel kilns and kiln car transport system and two new transfer cars.

Commissioning will take place in the first half of 2019.