Controls for the new soft mud mould box form handling and mixers Nelissen(B)

After the successful first cooperation with “De Boer Machines”  for brick rumbling installation at de Rijswaard Instalat continues this partnership with the supply of the controls for the fully renewed soft mud box handling equipment and adjacent clay and sand boxes at Brickfactory  Nelissen.

Again a project in concrete paving industry. Excluton Druten(NL)

Excluton has given the order to Instalat for the full conversion of their infrastructure from propane to natural gas. This is already the second project for Instalat in the field of concrete paving industry.

Excluton is a major Dutch producer of concrete pavers.

Full upgrade for roof tile tunnel kiln Wienerberger Broomfleet

Instalat commissions new firing equipment and controls for full upgrade existing Tunnel kiln  in Broomfleet.

In order to enable the client to double the output quantity of the existing kiln Instalat supplies a full package upgrade for the existing kiln.

This upgrade includes:

  1. Modification and extension of the flue gas system,
  2. Renewal and extension of the high velocity side and top burner system.
  3. Extension of the rapid cooling, hot air take off,  primary air and under car cooling system.
  4. Renewal and extension of the control system.
  5. Renewal of the process automation software. Based upon WinCC.
  6. CE certification of the new equipment.

The whole project was executed as a CDM project under responsibility of the Instalat engineers.