Two Hood kilns for Nelskamp at Nibra Groß Ammensleben factory(D)

For the strengthening of their position in the market of blue damped roof tiles, Nelskamp Dachziegelwerke purchases for the Nibra Gross Ammensleben factory, two new top fired blue damping kilns at Instalat.

The first kiln was has already started up successfully and the second kiln is to be delivered this week.

New hood kiln (the 3rd in a row) for Bachmanns Teglvaerk (DK)

Bachmanns Teglvaerk  extends his production capacity for blue damped bricks together with Instalat. Already for the 3rd time Instalat was appointed to supply the Hood kiln and kiln car for blue damped bricks.

Publication new line brick slips available as download on

The technical publication by Hans Marks from TCKI on the construction of the new line for brick slips at Vandersanden Maasmechelen is now available on our web site.