New hood kiln for blue damped products Kowsar Sepahan Brick Co.

Kowsar Sepahan Brick Co, based in Isfahan in Iran, extends its product portfolio and invests in the production for blue damped products.

For that purpose, Instalat supplies a new hood kiln for blue damped bricks and brick slips.

The renewed order from Kowsar is the result of the successful cooperation between Instalat and Kowsar over the years and started in 2008 with the supply and successful commissioning of the tunnel kiln equipment.

Side burner equipment tunnel kiln Nelissen , Kesselt -Lanaken (B)

After the successful optimization of the tunnel kilns in 2015, Nelissen Brickworks has given the order to Instalat for new high velocity side burner equipment.

Reason for this project was a high reliability of the Instalat side burners together with low cost of surveillance and maintenance compared to the existing Ceric equipment.

Microwave assisted, gas fired kiln. Danish Technological Institute, Aarhus (DK)

In close cooperation with C-Tech Innovation (UK) and DTI (Danish Technical Institute, DK), Instalat has developed a microwave assisted, gas fired test kiln (MAGF kiln). The research project is funded by DTI and the EUDP (Danish Energy Agency) and aims to show the energy savings and quality advantages possible when using a combination of microwaves and gas firing for the production of bricks in Danish brickworks. The other Project consortium partners are: Aarhus University DK), University of Nottingham (UK) and the well known brick manufacturers: Strøjer Tegl (DK), Pipers Teglværker (DK), Hellisgø Teglværk (DK)